matching benches

Last year, I found a piano bench on Etsy, and thought, with a new cushion, it would be perfect fit for my keyboard. It arrived, I did made a very quick cover with a staple gun and (not enough) scrap fabric. It was useable, but not ideal.

Piano bench, Round 1


Then recently, I found an antique footstool at Brimfield Antique Market that looked like a tiny version of the piano bench! Creating a matching pair seemed like a good reason to take a trip to Joe’s Fabric, and to take a second (more thoroughly researched) pass at learning how to reupholster.



The footstool had many layers of stuffing, including a layer of horsehair, that seemed like a form of craftsmanship I’m not prepared to attempt to recreate. It was sad to replace all this with a polyester cushion, but at least now the cat is less interested in destroying it…

Footstool stuffing: before & after


Many upholstery tacks later, they match!



Next time, I’ll use a layer an extra layer of fabric to smooth out the edges more, and probably a stiffer stuffing, but for now I think they’ll do.

Note: I bought waaaay too much fabric, so it will likely show up in many future posts.

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