So, I started making pennants…

Each is the same size and shape, and hand-sewn using different stitches. Theoretically, this will remind me how to sew, and be a good use of random small scraps of fabric.

The first two hung off a lamp, using chopsticks.


After the first couple, chopsticks weren’t doing it for me. Initially, I thought I could press the ends of a metal tubes together, punch a hole through the flat area (as is sometimes done in jewelry making) and string the tubes together with s-hooks.

Initial sketch for hanging


However, the tubing I bought was a little too thick for that plan. No matter—some left over wire, threaded through the cut tubes and folded over, did the trick!

Copper tubing, tube cutter, pennant with complete hanging rod, wire thru tube, wirecutters


Additionally, hanging them on a chain, rather than just stringing them together with the hooks, lets me replace or move them as I add, or—procrastinate, as you can see from the three that are still in pins awaiting stitches.

The first set hanging in a doorway. (Two still need stitches!)


More to come!

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