cat hammock + scratching post

broken hamper + shearling coat lining = cat hammock!

The cat needed another, cat bed… but elevated!

My husband had a nice wooden-framed hamper, but eventually the straps on the bag broke beyond repair.


I had an old hand-me-down coat that I kept intending to alter, but never got around to it. (Sadly, I did not take a photo of the coat.)




Due to a lack of sisal to create the intended scratching post, there was an interim version with just the hamper frame and the hammock, which caused a dramatic slow-motion cat-tastrophy. Luckily, some repurposed cotton rope stabilized the frame, and created the intended scratching post. (Once I get more rope, or some sisal, I’ll continue wrapping the scratching panel, as originally intended, to hide the support.)


The cat seems to like it.