leather working 101

I spent this past weekend learning how to work with leather at the Textile Arts Center. Our excellent teacher, Kat Roberts taught our 9-student class how to make patterns, and turn them into handmade leather pieces by way of 3 projects. Here are my results:

Day 1, morning: design a cuff

Our first project was to design a cuff because it lays flat, but changes shape on your wrist. My pattern was loosely based on my favorite metal puzzle bracelet from Erica Weiner, but the scrap bin was full of so many bright, soft leathers that I had to make it two tone.

puzzle bracelet cuff


Day 1, afternoon: “a closed something”

For our second project, I thought I’d make a simple wallet. The pattern I designed only called for one piece of leather, but I was still too excited about all the colors, so it ended up a lot more 80’s than I intended…

small wallet


Day 2: personal project

At this point I had to keep my two-color theme. I opted for a very small purse, and picked out a desert theme in anticipation for our upcoming trip to New Mexico.

small purse



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