tote to backpack conversion

We have no shortage of reusable tote bags around the house, but sometimes you just need a backpack… this gave me an idea…

To test out my theory, I found a cool looking, sturdy, and very cheap, tote bag at Uniqlo.

But first! The first test: I removed the straps from an old, rarely used, hot pink tote bag, and reattached them with rivets.

tote straps reattached with rivets


The straps were a tad short, and it needed a closure of some kind, but overall, it worked as planned!

On to the Uniqlo bag!

I carefully removed the stitching from the straps, and reattached them with snaps on the front top opening to add some security, and rivets (with little reinforcement circles) on the bottom. Hooray!

Left to right: original tote, removed straps, snaps on top closure, reinforecement on bottom snaps, back and front of resulting backpack

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